Thursday, October 28, 2010

halloween festivities @ grow.

so check it out ...  our first collaborative portrait session, styled by suzette and photography by kristina { }   on october 30th, 2 to 7 pm at grow, 2956 roosevelt street, suite 1 & 2, carlsbad, right next to the farmer's market. {candy included}     best part, kristina is running a special for this session, come on by with your trick-or-treaters in costume {and/or your dogs, yes, dogs are included in this session} and purchase your photo/s from a professional photographer at an affordable price.  we are looking forward to this wonderfully creative opportunity!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

from seed to salad ....

since "grow.", so far, is a little bit of everything, i thought i'd start sharing all the little things we are doing {be prepared, i'm all over the map right now, well, truth be told, always have been} for this morning i planted one of my salad gardens ...
just got order in from renee's ...  love her seeds.

have to bring your coffee {or tea} while doing the am gardening ....

love to plant my lettuce in an old wheelbarrow....

a little a.d.d. aka "get side tracked quite often" ...  but come on, rain on my pomegranates ...

and the tree is right there next to the salad garden wheelbarrow... who couldn't stop and take a photo or two?
 then the family has to join in ...  {never had  kids, but i could only imagine}

simon, of course had to get in on the action ....    i'm sure he thought there was a treat involved some how.

mom, where's the treat?   i'm telling you, hand it over right now or else.  sorry pup, didn't bring one out this morning.
 lettuce seeds on the soil {no that's not what you think it is} ....
on the way out of the garden ...   peppers from this summer.  that was the gardening experience for the day.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

let's feel good.

what do you think.... how about it....  is it easier said then done?   maybe, maybe not

Friday, October 8, 2010

happy anniversary, mom & dad

my mom & dad's original wedding rings, married 60 years when my dad passed away ... happy 62nd anniversary...

abby wanted in on the photo shoot ....  funny kitty girl.  

hanging from my dad's favorite tangelo tree ...
i miss my daddy 'o, he was a kind man.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

buy a crow @ grow.

all right all ready with the crows, i know .... but they go with grow.  so much fun for only $3.95.  they've been a great marketing tool.   remember we have unique and innovative marketing and styling ideas ...  grow is also where business and art converge

Monday, October 4, 2010

happy wedding day

a beach wedding + heartful + happy = mandi & bill's wonderful day

three generations of beautiful women ...   hard to tell who's the mom, grandma, daughters & grand-daughters {they all look young, no matter what, they are young at heart.... love these girls!} fun time had by all.

 the color's were fabulous ... especially for this time of year

a little gift wrapping @ grow.