Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy love day ....

happy valentine's day...
may your day be filled with ... true love.


patrick wishes you a happy one too....

have an enchanting evening...

my etsy packaging to france ....
my out-door heart art...
finding love at the beach with friends  ....  reni

have a wild day ... wild thing, you make my heart sing
{dang it, it's blurred, you get the drift}

art by suzette lau, age 5

my dear friend, lynn, saved our valentine's from 4th grade
 and sent it back to me after she went through them
to find the one her now husband gave her in the 4th grade
really cute story.

from my childhood valentine to my parents ...
used the word gay back then to mean happy

happy love day .... may your hearts be filled with

Sunday, February 12, 2012

garden love ....

garden love ...    pink jasmine. 
 so soft, so pretty, so fragrant ... 
 doesn't it make you want to go take a nice,
afternoon, leisurely bath ... with floating flower petals
and a good book, with a little soft music in the
can life really be that good ... say YES.

a sweet pea + heart-shaped ... 
come on, it doesn't get any better.

another love ...  using these vintage {or new}
salt shakers as vases.

oh my, sweetie pie.
that's what comes to mind.
pink love. 

freesia love.
 don't you just love this time of year.
stop and smell the freesias ... sweet peas, roses, whatever it is,
stop, take a  moment, a deep breath and enjoy.

it's magical ...  be true to you.
sending you garden love.

Friday, February 10, 2012

love wins ...

"love wins" ... how true.   
let that sink in for a few moments.

one of those wonderful sunny days .... driving with a childhood friend to a business lunch to discuss our "love collection" line of creativity ...   and there it was, the car in front of us had a sticker on their back window "love wins" ...   at the same time we both blurted out "LOVE WINS!" oh my, good one for our love collection.
a little serendipity in action.... love it when life happens that way.  don't you?

this is from a group of small place cards my sister in law gave me years ago and i have them around everyday.  they are from hallmark ....  on the back of this one, in white type "all you need is LOVE".
     great idea:  cut out a heart shape, type a little love note in the heart, hold it up, take a photo of it  and give it to a loved one....
how sweet would that be.
do it, make someone's day, fill it with love.

love on....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vintage love ....

so vintage, so love.   i don't remember those spoons being in the "tv dinners"  do you? are they  before or after  my time?   and how interesting to call them "tv dinners" what, you just plunked your kids in front of the TV {do we call it that anymore? ... flat screen, etc.} and served this kind of "fake" food to them ... oy vey.  some of them weren't all that bad... that apple, cinnamon side dish was pretty good,  but what about the chicken, fish sticks, salsbury steak and the peas and carrot combo ... scarey.   you know, we could have a whole evening conversation {over wine and heathy appetizers} about all the different combinations on those swanson tv dinners ... what a great jeopardy show .... "what side dishes went with the salsbury steak", etc... thank goodness we are living in different times now ... slow food movements, farm to table, sustainable, organic.... much more real. true. healthy. old fashion. vintage...  check out my shop this week for some "vintage fun"

isn't this what we all looked like coming off a long flight on "american airlines"?  ...   love these vintage postcards.    this is an american airlines vintage postcard, soon to be in my shop:
more vintage fun ....  shop grow.
clicker, noice-maker frog... remember those....
kind of a stress reliever ... to keep clicking that thing .... like that bubble wrap stuff, popping those bubbles, another stress reliever ... whatever it takes to feel good ... do it. 

more vintage love {they're old fashion, right?} ...   first sweet peas of the season ... 
stop and smell the sweet peas!
doesn't old fashion = vintage.  i think so.

vintage books at  shop grow

love vintage ribbon. don't you?

lots of vintage fun loving  ...  scatter love from shop grow!