Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26, 2011

g is for grow.....  grateful, gratitude, garden, grapes {seedless & vino}, genuine, gregg, generosity, geraniums, etc, etc.....  what is your "g" word.

anything with the word joy ... so fun.   i always think of my sister-in-law who is all about joy, in fact i think it is her favorite word ...  and her favorite color = yellow.  don't you just love to know what makes people happy....  what floats their boat.      what floats your boat?   let people know what you love ....   better yet,  let yourself know what you love ..... do, be and have what you love.  that's my story and i'm sticking to it.   have a great evening.

july 26, 2011, interesting day, wouldn't you say?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

thursday bliss

thursday bliss ...  aim for it.    {night-time photo of a tid-bit of sandra's http://www.sandrasaenz.com/  creations}

Monday, July 11, 2011

part of a weekend, friday included.

the morning after... the girls, maddy & kari, camping out in my backyard....it was on their "summer bucket list"

yes, we did sparkler's on the saturday night camp-out on our compound

brought my new found typewriter outside on the picnic table { and it works, can't wait, reni's garage sale...  ten bucks, she has the best stuff for the best prices} ...   staged it with tarot cards, etc....   fun time had by all.

tomatoes, freshly picked from the garden, delivered to my great neighbor's john & rebecca.  photo on freshly painted mirror from reni's garage sale 5 bucks, it was gold and old fashion ... i'm doing a whole wall of mirrors

there's those "lemon boys" ...  rachel's favorite.  have to grow them every year now.

jodean stopped by  ....  just to drop off these cute alphabet marshmallows... she's so sweet, a shining star with a heart of gold.

karrie's bracelet ... photo doesn't do it justice. 

looks like a banner, but no, it's tammy's bracelet.

bracelet workshop at grow.... 

something about scrabble tiles and previous conversations.  night-time at grow.

sea of love.   beach walk, how 'bout it?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

personal shrine workshop

 one of my goals {wishes, dreams, etc.} was to have a place here in north san diego county wherein artists would come from out of the area and do workshops ...   mainly so i wouldn't have to travel to have some fun  AND also was hoping to create an inspirational environment here in our area, which i find is missing or better said, not a common place, at least in my immediate area and that's why "grow." studio/gallery was born .   this is a dream come true for me .....  one of my most  favorite people in the whole wide world  is coming to grow's studio/gallery  from the central coast to work her artistic magic and she is one magical, heartfelt {heartfilled}, beautiful, loving, human beings ....  a workshop you don't want to miss.  this workshop will  keep your  mojo going or will bring it back {mojo: finding the magic in what we do}   sandra { http://www.sandrasaenz.com/ } is the former owner of Paper Omelette in cambria, was one of the coolest gallery/shop's  in all the central coast.   love her art, check out her website:   http://www.sandrasaenz.com/
watch what you wish for ....    dreams do come true.
have a glorious day!

Monday, July 4, 2011

happy fourth. red. white. blue.

to friends and close families.

yes, oceanside. circa early 1900's

sparks tonight!   and sparklers.

red, white & blue.

fourth of july found art.

always .... be true.

loved these ....  attached to a tea bag.  used them in an altered book celebrating 4th of july.

don't you just love a good watermelon ...   texture. taste. color. refreshing. healthy. fun.

have a good and safe fourth.