Tuesday, November 29, 2011

new, fun iPhone app

hi, i'm simon .... i don't like getting my picture taken, but my mom couldn't wait to try out this new app on someone and that someone happens to be me.  a must get  iPhone app - OldPhotoPRO and it's free. have a picturesque day!

Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday ... a little bit of history.

a little bit of history trivia {love these Vis-Ed mini flash cards} ....  although it seems "black friday" is no trivia thing to the retailers and consumers, i'm surprised {surprized} they haven't made it a national holiday by now.... and give everyone the day off to shop.   however,  to me "black friday" means stay the heck away from all retail stores, especially the malls, hunker in and eat left overs.   enjoy your day what-ever you do!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

seek {sneak} peek {peak} into trunk show & fundraiser ....

ok, this is a sneak peek into preparation and inspiration for a trunk show and fundraiser {as set forth in previous blog}.   the fundraiser is for the school down the street from "grow bungalow" ....  which i've watch many a kids walking to and from for over 25 years.   a friend of mine {reni  @  www.blissandtellbrandingcompany.com } is putting on this event at her wonderful  home here in so. oceanside to raise money for the local elementary school ....  if you are reading this and you are able, please stop on by ........ Thursday, November 10th {day before 11.11.11 & a full moon, oh boy!}  5 o'clock to 8pm.  $5.00 donation to attend {wine, appetizers, raffle prizes included} should be fun... please come.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

description {the story} or wonder?

violet & suz.

my, that tree has grown since this photo.   front yard.

sending good vibes to Pat today ...   reni too.
{hey, that's martin milner, one-adam 12 @ my brother's wedding reception}

piece i'm working on.

it seems everything has a story, a memory, a reminiscence if you want it to ... is it "better" to tell the story or let the observers mind wonder?  or do people just care less about the story.   i think about that when posting on this blog, should i tell you what the photo represents to me and what it's all about  ....  or let you wonder what the heck or why the heck did she post that?    or how does that have meaning,   does everything have meaning?  i guess it all depends if one wants meaning there or not.  pretty simple???