Wednesday, November 2, 2011

description {the story} or wonder?

violet & suz.

my, that tree has grown since this photo.   front yard.

sending good vibes to Pat today ...   reni too.
{hey, that's martin milner, one-adam 12 @ my brother's wedding reception}

piece i'm working on.

it seems everything has a story, a memory, a reminiscence if you want it to ... is it "better" to tell the story or let the observers mind wonder?  or do people just care less about the story.   i think about that when posting on this blog, should i tell you what the photo represents to me and what it's all about  ....  or let you wonder what the heck or why the heck did she post that?    or how does that have meaning,   does everything have meaning?  i guess it all depends if one wants meaning there or not.  pretty simple???

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