Monday, April 30, 2012

dwell in love ....

what would the world be like if we'd
"dwell in love"
a thought to dwell on....
simon's birthday was
treats all week
dog love.

young love.
{dwell in love ...
i think that
will be
name of my
new book}

creative love.

red love.

bottle and empty frame love.
olive tree love.
hipstamatic love.

wrought iron gate love.

mail love.
vintage toy truck love.

montecito love.
road to case de maria

brother love.
dog beach love.

sew, recycle, button, crown, scarf, embr. thread, make ... love.

bel age, 2nd floor, arnold,  LA love.

anthro, crochet flower love.

sandra, heartful, peace, calm, beach, walk love.

to ceil...  here's to " the Love's ".

today is my sister-in-law's mother's furneral.
friends and family love.
{photo:  doug & larry @ brian's funeral =
favorite client love.}

today is also my brother's and kelly's birthday.
{part of jim's home-made christmas breakfast}
brother and friend love.

see the hearts in interesting places love.
{sprout on bread from my sandwich}
oh, sandwich and reading on happiness
by stephanie lee love.

joke-ster love.
humor love.
rachel and the fireman love.

eraser carving love.
old typewriter love.
word heartful love.
photo love.
butterfly love.
flower love.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

day of the earth = earth day 2012

don't you just love the earth....
found this doll shoe digging up a bulb
growing in the grass... no kidding.
it's hot pink and really cute.
i kept it ... what for
who knows.

organic oranges off my tree,
used in morning smoothie

interesting photo.
very earthy, very green.

sweet peas ....  pure earth.
linda b's sweet peas,
the best in the west.

oh my wistera.
don't you just love it.
smells good too.

they grow very
my yard.

carlsbad community garden.
seed swap.

rainbow ...
earthy, yes.

carlsbad community garden ...
want that basil six pack.

more earthy stuff ...
soon to be a morning cloak

linda b.'s sweet peas,
so beautiful 

tammy's golden beets.
gotta love the earth...
it's good for your soul.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter hatched egg.

easter hatched egg.
right out of the nest.

happy bunny day .... happy beautiful sunday.

bunny love ...  {bit blurry, darn ...
he's hard to photograph and not
very photo-genic, but cute
as heck in person}
he sends his love...

how easter-y is this....

love this thrift store find ...

found egg ... the baby birdies
are chirping right now....
hear them.

best $1.00 item at a really fun
estate sale... it's one of those
vintage vases with flowers and stuff
at the base.

hey ... they look like easter eggs.  
taking some  to easter brunch
at tammy's
and easter dinner at jay and eileen's

have a great new day.

Friday, April 6, 2012

happy e. friday ...

fresh from the garden.
egg swap for loquats.

  easter sunday hat.
hey, it's a vintage doll hat.
come on ....have some fun.
not the real "grow up", who wants to do that....
 but you know, like a tree, a flower, a plant ...
 it grows up and it grows down, it grows all around.
be abound.
love that word, look it up.
great meaning.

add some meaning in your life....  what-ever that is to you.
once again, be true...  it's friday, after all.
don't you just love fridays, especially one like today.
enjoy!  { be in-joy}