Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a penny for your thoughts ....

a penny a piece.  
i counted them as i was added them to my SHOP
and was remembering when you could
actually buy something with a penny {bubble gum comes to mind}
and which triggered .... where did "a penny for your thoughts" come from???

1. Hector Poole, a sensitive, insecure bank clerk, gains telepathic powers
 after tossing a coin that miraculously stands on its edge.
He discovers that he is able to "hear" other people's thoughts,
and is surprised to hear the things people are thinking around him
 {a penny for you thoughts, episode from the twlight zone}
2. Prov. What are you thinking about?  I would give you a penny
 if you tell me your thoughts {google}
 {holy cow, opened a can of worms when i went to this site,
 although interesting perspectives}
4.  an english idiom simply asking people to volunteer their opinions
 on an issue being discussed.   dates back to the end of the middle ages. 
5.   and many more.....

WELL, i guess there seems to be A LOT of
 meanings, perceptions,  interpretations,
opinions, perspectives .....
kind of like L I F E.
what's your interpretation?

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