Friday, December 30, 2011

new year's greetings ....

don't you just love this ....  "may good health attend you, and happiness befriend you"  from a vintage postcard c1800's.    so pure, so simple ...

so vintage.

a penny to send ...  to think, such joy for a penny.

what if ...  we put this on our list {goals for 2012} ... scatter joy.  what does that mean to you? and what would that do for another?  joy is always a good thing.

grow a garden ... share the blooms.

how about a simple year ....  i think we all need it!
and then ....   there's always love.   like air and water, we can't live without it.

reflections ....   it seems we all do it at this time of year, looking back at the last year and having hope the new year will be far greater then the past year ....  hope. faith. trust.

let's UNlock ...   let go.   have some fun.  play more.
{thanks lisa for this lock, you knew  i would  love it & everything else that you gave from the goodness of your heart}


grow and love, don't they go together {synonymous in my book}

what, don't put all your eggs in one basket ... is that true, so what if you did?  or are we to spread our eggs in many baskets, what happens then?   how 'bout we fill our baskets this year with what-ever we want to fill our baskets with.....  what a concept.    is this like a "blank canvas" concept? ....   what if we did start the year with an empty basket?   what would you fill your basket with?  

a must have. no matter what time of year it is  ....  laughter, big in my book.  put this on your new year's resolutions, goals, whatever you want to call it ...  just do it!  ...  and do it over and over again until your stomach hurts and tears are running down your face, it will change your life, big time. i am grateful and have been blessed with a family {and many friends} with a sense of humor and the gift of laughter and i wish that on everyone.  a sense of humor will help you through the worst of times, if you don't have one .... get one NOW!

mix it up.

be heartful. 

be curious.

be artful... {creative} sentimental.... how fun was all that pen & ink.

time & dictionaries ...  what do they have in common?  this might get your mind in action.

cricket = good luck.   love their sound too.

? button things up ....   ????

heart. green. garden. grow. = all good


MiX-iT up some more .... creatively.
lick more beaters ... it tasted sooo good off the beater.  remember how fun that was as a kid when your mom was baking and you got to lick the beater/s.  wonderful childhood memory.

don't let anyone get your goat ....

pure happiness ....  make, have,  more of it.

keep it simple. simplify.  let's start thinking about simplicity.

once again ... the "L" words ... love them. 

how about .... "sorting things out"

love + light = connection.
nothing like a good connection.  be connected. embrace.
 let the good connective energy run through this next year, 2012.
  happy new year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

all wrapped up ... peaceful embellishments.

peaceful embellishments ....


embellish + sparkle = compliment

hope you're having jolly-good  fun .... wrapping it all up!  embellish. be simple, yet unique ... adds to the enjoyment of gift giving.....  happy ho ho... from grow.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

jollification. hilarity. mirth. merriment. revelry.

jollification, sounds like a dirty word to me.  a word we never use, don't think i've ever heard anyone say it and yet it has such great meaning ....  a boisterous celebration, a merry festivity.   looks like santa can relate.  'tis the season to be jolly.   {check out santa's slippers}

cheers, santa.   vintage postcard, no kidding. 

remember these popcorn balls {mc calls 12/1962}

oh, this is a good one....  titled "Royal Roast"   my gosh, who were the food stylists back then and how the heck did anybody eat this stuff ....    even the desserts look awful.    still love these old magazines and ads, much entertainment.  {mc calls, dec. 1962}

oh yes, we all put holly berry on our turkey. {mc calls, dec. 1962}

and the nuts, wouldn't be the holidays without them.     what's that blue thing? a marble?

    this is eggnog pudding, oy vey.  it says, "one of the 56 easy, party-going desserts you can make only with minute tapioca"    i love that "party-going desserts" {mc calls, ages ago}  just what i want to take to a party ...  but to think there's 55 more, double oy vey!  

merriment.  coca cola ad. 

revelry, looks like rivalry.

never guess what this ad was for {mc calls, december 1962} ... "Bare up beautifully for holiday enchantment" what do you think they mean by "holiday enchantment", now that's a new one.  it says, spandex, etc... that keeps you neat where  bra and girdle meet. Sweet! { yes, they had the word sweet in there. } celebrate with ... that Formfit feeling, Confidante by Formfit.   makes me want to run out and buy one for only $8.95.   love these ads.   so fun.   hope you are enjoying your holiday season.