Sunday, December 11, 2011

vocabulary of the season/s

don't you just love the vocabulary of the seasons ....  especially this season, we're not talking winter = cold, we are talking Christmas, holiday season = merry, cheer, bright, love and delight ....  comfort & joy,  gifts, eat, drink & be merry, pinecones & holly berries, we are talking major sparkle, happiness, laughter, family, friends, get-togethers, tags, cards, gift wrap, candy, cookies, lots of all kinds of food, oh and reindeers, especially love them, bulbs, lights, decorations galore, pine scent, pine trees {christmas trees} oh and shopping ...   giving, OK, so that's what just came to mind as i sit here and blog ....  i'll be coming up with some more, i'm sure, now that i got the ball rolling ....   what's your vocabulary of the season?  please comment if you'd like.     enjoy {in-joy}!    have a great season.  
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oh, forgot ....     rejoice {great word, look it up}
hand-stamped {eraser carving} tags i made a few years back at my montecito art retreat, twigs from the grounds there, wrapped with dictionary pages and old funky wire.  twigs, wire and dictionary pages and i'm in heaven.



dang, these old photos of food ....  how did people {we} eat this stuff? thank goodness some things have changed.

keep warm in your heart and soul. 
enjoy all the fun things of the season.
 be happy.  be safe.  be fulfilled. be joyful.  

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