Monday, November 29, 2010

random photos ...

 roger's garden, last christmas
 simon in my anthro hat {cap, what-ever they call them} ... my christmas present from maddy last year ...  sue thinks i look like grandma in it ....   keeps the ears warm, that's all i care about right now. 
montecito trip few years back  ...  i was growing love then too.  what is it about twigs, leaves, berries and branches??? oh and acorns, pine cones ... all things nature

Sunday, November 28, 2010

hello my favorite color

that's it pure & simple ....  white.     ok, and a little fun greens, robin egg blue and a mix of the two.      oh,  by the way, it has a tendency to change, some times daily....  except for white, that has been and will forever be my true love and no one can ever take that away...    what's your favorite color/s?  

bye, bye orange ....

whoops, another persimmon {taken in '06}  don't you love the look of persimmon/s, especially on a cake platter or bowl.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

greetings & gratitude

1.  my loquat tree, why not, be creative, be different with your decor this thanksgiving.
2. wine, music & doors ....  love them all.
3. side view of my new "tree jewelry" ornaments for christmas @ grow.  {all recycled}
4. old postcard, don't you love them, they're so ugly, they're cute.    lots of vintage postcards at grow.

Friday, November 19, 2010

make, create, produce ... a sneak peek into my private studio

here's a sneak-peek into my private world, soon to be public world ...  i took the last few days off from the shop {i apologize for those who have stopped by the shop to find it closed, but i had to do it!}   to make, create and produce as much art as i possibly could to get a jump start at christmas ...   dang, christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year ... pretty soon it may start on ground hog's day!  what happened to christmas starting after thanksgiving?  

{this is a fan i got at an estate sale and thought i could use the packaging for something creative ... funny how our lauguage has changed over the years  and there's new meaning to words, how does that happen? ...  makes me think of  ralph and how much i miss him, his laugher & his sick sense of humor }

love this photo from anthro's last winter catalog ...  have it hung by a clothes pin in my studio

{this is a new line of   "tree jewelry" i'm creating ...    using my parents old encyclopedia covers, found objects, vintage jewelry parts, etc...  use them as christmas tree ornaments and/or dangle them from twigs, hang on the wall  or what-ever else your heart's desire}

{creating some fun ornaments from children's blocks delivered to me at grow from lisa blatnick}

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

chock {chalk}-full

the halloween portraits were a success {and fun}.  this is elina,  kristina's daughter, one of many wonderful photos taken by kristina @ grow.  {check it out on her facebook - kristina chartier and/or her site }.  
found this photo to be appropriate because:   
1.  by the end of this week grow should be "chock-full" of all kinds of fun goodies for the holidays
2. we can always "chalk it up" for experience
3.  i love chalk and chalk-boards and everything it represents:
a. colorful
b. it can be erased with ease
c.  new and different all the time
e. brings back childhood memories
f.  dresses up the drive-way, walk-ways, etc...
g.  promotes creativity
h. etc
also, i dare you to check out all the different kinds of  "chalk" words {sayings} on urban dictionary.  i like chalk people, chalk buddy, chalk roach  ...  didn't know chalk had sooo many meanings, did you?