Tuesday, November 16, 2010

chock {chalk}-full

the halloween portraits were a success {and fun}.  this is elina,  kristina's daughter, one of many wonderful photos taken by kristina @ grow.  {check it out on her facebook - kristina chartier and/or her site http://www.kristinachartier.com/ }.  
found this photo to be appropriate because:   
1.  by the end of this week grow should be "chock-full" of all kinds of fun goodies for the holidays
2. we can always "chalk it up" for experience
3.  i love chalk and chalk-boards and everything it represents:
a. colorful
b. it can be erased with ease
c.  new and different all the time
e. brings back childhood memories
f.  dresses up the drive-way, walk-ways, etc...
g.  promotes creativity
h. etc
also, i dare you to check out all the different kinds of  "chalk" words {sayings} on urban dictionary.  i like chalk people, chalk buddy, chalk roach  ...  didn't know chalk had sooo many meanings, did you?  

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