Friday, December 31, 2010

love + laughter = the ultimate

who doesn't love animals ... especially one with a sense of humor.  simon.

my kitties of 14 years ... photo of kramer to follow. 

and how about love for some funky art.  jacks and tinker toys, etc...come on, who doesn't love them.   yes, that is a fish hanging out the back of a metal box on the london double-decker.   i say let it rip!  what-ever floats your boat.   {workshop i took with michael demeng..check him out}

 whoops, forgot ....    love, laughter and prosperity = the ultimate.   doesn't "love" cover it all?  and is that a little "sex" in the background?     rusted pinback button, found. 

my first true love. 

was this on a previous blog ...  is that a big no no.   like wearing the same outfit twice in one week when you were in school   .... or in the work place.  dang, we sure are judgmental beings ...  in the big scheme of things does it really matter.  no.  how about are they good people, who cares what they wear.

i say, sow and grow.      don't you just love it when the seeds start to sprout. 

to all of us suz's out there...   happy.

hello big fat mess ... welcome to my world. { hopefully not for long}

army men and marbles ... thank god i had older brothers.  love them.   sorry jim, terry was more about the army men and marbles ...  building forts, playing school ...  doing his best to make sure everyone was having fun.   as much as terry always made fun of me using the word "fun" ...   he was all about having fun and a big sense of humor ...  i thank my lucky stars i had brothers that balanced each-other,  they seemed to be opposites, but in the end, not really.  two great men.  i lucked out.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

guerilla art - bryan snyder

ok, how fun is this ....    "be kind, leave some behind".   bryan synder, famous local artist, has been creating art, it seems like his whole life and has been taking it public for many years now {i'm just finding out just how creative he is and how much he wants to share it with everyone} the photos above are from a ornament project he does every year, check out his site for more details .  it was a blast, making the ornaments and meeting new people in the community. then going on a treasure hunt through-out carlsbad village finding the little treasures he has placed on trees, buildings, etc.    this seems to me as a form of "guerilla art".  keri smith in her book "the guerilla art kit" says "guerilla art can be anything you want ... an idea, an expression, a movement, an experience, an outlet, A WAY OF CONNECTING, a way of documenting, a challenge, a FORM OF PLAY, a statement, a performance, an attitude, a practice, an improvisation, a ritual.     guerilla art can be used to beautify or recreate a space that is soulless or without character and bring it new life. "public art says 'the human spirit is alive here' "  bryan, thank you so much for bringing such creativity, connection, play, beauty, etc. to our local community ....   we need it.  count me in. xo, suz.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

happy. ho. merry.

a christmas eve toast to love and connection, to peace and to harmony ....  cheers !   @ Terry & Von's, who really know how to entertain in every way {i'm still full}

 merry everything...

packaging for tammy's famous shortbread cookies, by far the best shortbread ever!

happy holidays.   ho.ho.ho.  merry christmas.   with love, suzette

Friday, December 24, 2010

love + sparkle = happy {holidays}

love + sparkle = a whole lot of things...     happy holidays.   be safe.  be well.  be happy.  xo     ps:  a little romance is in the background.  

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ho ho ho @ grow

ho.ho.ho. {love that it rhymes with grow}   wish these were taken at grow.   ran out of time, so here's simon {he's a little camera shy} taken a few years ago.     wishing you all a very healthy, happy, humorous holiday! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

comfort & joy

come on by grow for some comfort & joy.    just rigged up these  small  1 1/2 inch tags this morning to put on some chocolates for give aways at grow.  {picture this, small hole at the top with thin black & white bakers twine, can't wait to get down to the shop and embellish}
                                                    more hand-made ornaments at grow. 
  the look of love seems to be the theme these days, looked sooo good on the gift wrapping we did yesterday @ grow. {wedding, how appropriate}
                                                                outside on a twig
                                           mistletoe hanging from the chandelier in the entry
 what do you do with a "wish" ticket you find on the floor ....   stick it on a twig outside {twigs are everywhere at grow ...  can't get enough of them}

these are my palette pouches.    i put down all kinds of functional canvas products while painting and use them as my palette and wiping of the paint brushes, etc.   then i embellish them with all kinds of interesting things.  more on this later.    enjoy your day.   xo.