Friday, December 10, 2010

comfort & joy

come on by grow for some comfort & joy.    just rigged up these  small  1 1/2 inch tags this morning to put on some chocolates for give aways at grow.  {picture this, small hole at the top with thin black & white bakers twine, can't wait to get down to the shop and embellish}
                                                    more hand-made ornaments at grow. 
  the look of love seems to be the theme these days, looked sooo good on the gift wrapping we did yesterday @ grow. {wedding, how appropriate}
                                                                outside on a twig
                                           mistletoe hanging from the chandelier in the entry
 what do you do with a "wish" ticket you find on the floor ....   stick it on a twig outside {twigs are everywhere at grow ...  can't get enough of them}

these are my palette pouches.    i put down all kinds of functional canvas products while painting and use them as my palette and wiping of the paint brushes, etc.   then i embellish them with all kinds of interesting things.  more on this later.    enjoy your day.   xo.

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