Sunday, March 31, 2013

hoarding pays off... easter booty & bouquets

i have to admit i'm a bottle & jar hoarder {collector}, always have
been and  i'm supposing will always be, however, i do
use them and give them away, so
is that a "true hoarder"
maybe, maybe not.
when my mom passed away, i went for her spice
cupboard and filled bin/s
of her spices, knowing darn well what i was
gonna use them for {as shown above} however,
i could see the look on my brother's eyes and expressions
on their faces ...  oh boy, there she goes again - hoarding...
little did they know i had good intentions all along.
these spring bouquets went with me on my
errands & were given away to those that
not only love spring bouquets, but are
thank you mom.

happy easter.
   bunny's booty this morning ....
don't you just love a cotton tail.
have a miraculous day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

mugshots ... huge sale.

mugshots ... how many white mugs could one person have?  and to think
there's another bin full.   had a flood, de-hoarded and now
selling lots of my goods and goods from
my shop "grow." {which i couldn't part
with when i had the shop/studio} ...
but now's the time.
when:  saturday, march 16
8:00am - noon
         where:  grow bungalow.           
don't miss it.
vintage galore.