Sunday, November 28, 2010

hello my favorite color

that's it pure & simple ....  white.     ok, and a little fun greens, robin egg blue and a mix of the two.      oh,  by the way, it has a tendency to change, some times daily....  except for white, that has been and will forever be my true love and no one can ever take that away...    what's your favorite color/s?  


  1. Hi Suzette - Did you get all your work done for your beautiful shop yet? I'm gonna have to stop by and say "hello" again later. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. hello marie ... work done at shop, oy vey, will it ever be done? it's getting better since i shoved everything in that back room that should be the workshop/gallery, etc. room and i'm slowly getting it all out in the main shop area. BUT, i'm creating {hand-making} some cool ornaments and wall hangings, etc.... come by and see, it looks very different since you last saw it. 12-5 tuesday-saturday. other time in private studio creating. love, suz.