Sunday, April 22, 2012

day of the earth = earth day 2012

don't you just love the earth....
found this doll shoe digging up a bulb
growing in the grass... no kidding.
it's hot pink and really cute.
i kept it ... what for
who knows.

organic oranges off my tree,
used in morning smoothie

interesting photo.
very earthy, very green.

sweet peas ....  pure earth.
linda b's sweet peas,
the best in the west.

oh my wistera.
don't you just love it.
smells good too.

they grow very
my yard.

carlsbad community garden.
seed swap.

rainbow ...
earthy, yes.

carlsbad community garden ...
want that basil six pack.

more earthy stuff ...
soon to be a morning cloak

linda b.'s sweet peas,
so beautiful 

tammy's golden beets.
gotta love the earth...
it's good for your soul.

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