Friday, February 10, 2012

love wins ...

"love wins" ... how true.   
let that sink in for a few moments.

one of those wonderful sunny days .... driving with a childhood friend to a business lunch to discuss our "love collection" line of creativity ...   and there it was, the car in front of us had a sticker on their back window "love wins" ...   at the same time we both blurted out "LOVE WINS!" oh my, good one for our love collection.
a little serendipity in action.... love it when life happens that way.  don't you?

this is from a group of small place cards my sister in law gave me years ago and i have them around everyday.  they are from hallmark ....  on the back of this one, in white type "all you need is LOVE".
     great idea:  cut out a heart shape, type a little love note in the heart, hold it up, take a photo of it  and give it to a loved one....
how sweet would that be.
do it, make someone's day, fill it with love.

love on....

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