Friday, February 4, 2011

have a heart.

 people that know me, know i  collected hearts since way back.... i still see hearts in nearly everything, food, rocks, clouds, leaves, spatter marks, flower petals, on and on,  you get my drift.  you'll never guess what this is ... or i should say, how this happened.   once upon a time we lived on highland drive in carlsbad and i had a cat named seymour.  one night i  was eating  ice cream in my bedroom,  out of this cup/mug and just like me, left it on my night stand.  got home from school and found it on the shag carpet {it was the 70's you know}  seymour had been licking the mug which had a spoon in it and he knocked it off the table and there is was ....   magic!      perfect heart.       

compound kitty, nate on couch @ grow.   we have heart-shaped books great for altering or use as a pillow. this was not staged...

ok, the heart rock thing ....  i've been collecting them since the 70's.  you can imagine by now i have thousands, from all my travels and all my friends travels, local beaches, gravel that's been delivered to my house, etc.   i remember the first one i found was in front of a beach house in carlsbad that i eventually rented twenty years later.  still have it. 

did a landing on my front porch with walk-way still pending....

in the garden

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