Thursday, March 10, 2011

photo shoots & ladybug sightings

more photo shoots coming up @ grow. the natural lighting @ grow is so wonderful, cozy and warm ...  these are just my funky photos with my ancient digital, sony 5.1 pixels ...  the photo shoots are by professional photographers, next week is   oh, by the way, we are doing some staging & styling for photo shoots here @ grow.  contact us for a quote.

every time i see a ladybug, i want to take a photo of it and start a "ladybug sighting" blog {this has been going on for years and i never do anything about it} or at least mention it on this blog.  sooo, yesterday morning, waa-laa, there was  a ladybug in my garden, i ran and got the camera, took photo and thought, now i have a blog i have to post it....  believe it or not, this really happened, within hours, i get to the shop and  donna, across the sidewalk from grow { } offers me a cup of coffee and we are out front sipping our freshly brewed coffee on one of the most gorgeous days one could experience ...  and there's a ladybug in her hair, no kidding.   lots of serendipity goes on @ grow.

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