Sunday, November 17, 2013

ceremonious synchronicity...

not really sure if these two words go together,
ceremonious synchronicity.
however, right now, in my world,
they do... 
i was thinking of some kind of light-hearted,
fun ceremony to have today for the
5th anniversary of my dad's passing away,
not quite sure what that would look like,
except for thinking of good memories
and having a heart-felt day.
 low & behold  opened a drawer
and there were all the sympathy cards
friends had sent me five years ago.
seems a little bit like synchronicity to me ...
so in my de-hoarding and beautifying
mode, i cut them up and hung them around...
and had another memorial celebration.
ps:  i've done this with birthday cards +
Christmas cards, etc...
great recycling + fun + sentimental.



be open to synchronicity...
it's so much fun.
best wishes.


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