Sunday, April 3, 2011


scatter art.

this is scattering joy alright ...  thank you kurt & tammy {and nancy & everyone!} another party @ grow.

how about ... scatter passion.  from morning home garden tour.

 plowers, as hoyt would say, from my garden.   going in recycled jars hanging on the front wall @ grow.   check it out, pretty cool.   scatter coolness.

scatter beauty.

flowers in their jars ....   thanks louise {reni, please thank your mom for me for all the jars}....  didn't use them for spices, oh well, one has to be creative.    rachel's baby jars are up there too.   memory lane.  i'm sentimental, maybe that's why i always loved to re-use, re-cycle, it makes it extra fun with a little meaning behind it....  scatter love. 

love these old books ...   fun again. scatter words.

thank goodness ....   a new color.  we are getting tired of the same ol' colored sweet peas.  scatter color.

scatter humor.   big nose daffodil {from $$ store bulbs}

succulent easter basket @ grow.  scatter funky.

two this morning. extra good luck.   scatter good luck.

scatter laughter.
scatter kindness.
scatter love.
ps:  scatter.... to sow by casting in all directions

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  1. Love the photos Suzette, especially that first one! And love that idea...scatter. XO