Friday, April 1, 2011

spring has sprung ...

   "i'm coming out" ... i want the world to know ... got to let it show {love this song}.  ok, i've pretty much been a closet artist, embarrassed and scared to put myself out there, so what do i do ... open a gift studio/gallery and it made it even worse ....   creativity lives in every cell in my body ...  but am i ready to simply get over myself  and go for it?

work in process ...  for a bird/nest swap.

goodie bag ....  maybe for hand-out during the carlsbad 5000

birthday bouquet.  thank you, bro. terry

nest egg for nest swap.  


  1. love your work! and..happy birthday!

  2. So very inspirational!! And yes, you very much should show it all!! Such a talent