Wednesday, May 4, 2011

all things rusty and sentimental.

i collect and love all things rusty  and fun and  usually put a little spin on sentimentality and meaning on the object or the " i could use this some day for art and/or a fun occasion" mentality.    ie:  the tric's {tricycles} below.  dug one out of my neighbors trash, who happens to be one of my best friends and i just adore her daughter and was thinking how could she do that {of course normal people would throw the thing away} it was beautiful and  it was maddy's tric. and it lived in my front yard for years and low and behold, maddy was having part of her birthday party at my house, so there was that one opportunity to have some fun with this sentimental art piece and i tied balloons on it and put in out my driveway so the girls walking to the party could see which house the party was at ...  then we brought it inside for the party, so cute.  THEN, years later, the neighbor across the street, another good friend, anni, asked if i wanted her son's tricycle and i love hoyt, hoyt loves maddy, i love being sentimental, i couldn't turn it down.  both trics have been living together in my front yard.  i'm planning for the future, just in case hoyt and maddy got married, how cute would that be to have their tric's at their outdoor wedding  {maybe a little  hitch here,  a bit of an age difference, oh well, sometimes it doesn't matter, we'll see .....   in the mean time, i'm keeping the tric's, i don't care what tammy and anni say}



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