Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 10 & 11

we must admit....  life is very interesting and this is a true story.   transitioning {a passage from one state, stage, subject or place, to another} from grow. {gift studio/gallery} to now "grow bungalow" life has been like a "hoarter's boot camp" with friends and family not only on the side-line as cheerleaders, but willing to get down and dirty in the war zone where one might hurt themselves, now, that's true love. so,  cleaning up and getting organized,  i was going through all "the stuff" and the interesting part is to come across these items on these specific dates:   here's a photo of a cookbook i bought because of the cover ... it was that yellow pear tomato,  which by the way, i grow now every year,  just because they are so cute and inspiring and low-and-behold,  look when i bought it,  23 years ago to the date, BUT, even more interesting is what i found in cleaning up grow bungalow is to follow.....

found today, september 11th.   my mom loved to travel and every trip she took, she would always bring me fun goodies, sometimes it didn't cost any money {best kind of goodies}, since i was a "collector" from a VERY early age, she'd bring me all kinds of free stuff from the airplanes {booze bottles, etc.}, stuff from hotels {soaps, sewing kits, etc.} and of course more expensive stuff... jewelry, etc.  AND matches, which i've also collected..... and found today, cleaning up my stuff.       boy, MY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL THOSE THAT HAD TO EXPERIENCE SUCH AN UNTHINKABLE, UNIMAGINABLE TRAGEDY.... words can not express the pain.

may peace be with you....   peace garden in montecito,  september 2011.  whoops, cranes going side-ways.

immaculate heart center in montecito.  la casa de maria. 
sept. 2011

heart. be heartful. be love.  love more.  think about all the people in the world ruled by heartfulness and love, can you imagine,  9/11 would never have happen.

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