Monday, October 24, 2011

rainy days and mondays .....

don't have to get you down ....  be encouraged to experiment.  

how about a mini veggie garden tour from this morning....
seedman's arugula + other greens.  sweet pea trellis in back ground, oh boy.

beets sprouting ...  can't wait. 
dill gone wild ...  

bugs getting the greens,  but don't eat the weeds.  what's with that, ever noticed how they eat all the good stuff, but never eat the weeds????  how come?    

no bug bites here, dang, the clover stuff has taken over.  proof, bugs don't like weeds.  gophers don't either.

growing nasturtiums for bunny.   he loves them more than kale.  plus, don't you just love their leaves and how they make beautiful ground cover , easy to grow and the blooms are great too ...   i plant several colors this season. 

swiss chard. all organic. we are gonna be healthy this season. 

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