Friday, January 20, 2012

the love continues ....

as far as i'm concern .... it could be valentine's day everyday ...  isn't really all about what's in our hearts.   being heartful is being happy. { the start of my "heart art"}

the language of love... contin.   #2.  sweetheart.

#3.   je t' aime

can't get enough of the good stuff ....    these cozy little hearts are a vision i had when i bought a vintage chenille bedspread, pale pink, so comfy, but the thing shedded all over the place... but i couldn't throw it away, oh no, let's re-create this wonderful find into heart-shape lavender filled sachets ....  imagine the ideas, creativity that has come from one bedspread.  it's endless, trust me.....   i'll be posting these on my shop ....     check them out.   soon.


  1. So cute!
    sharing on my fb. "mammabellarte"
    Buon San Valentino a te. Ciao Rita

  2. oh ... thank you rita. i might have gotten a little carried away with the photos.