Friday, January 6, 2012

seeing the beauty in everything ... hearts and found art.

if there was one thing i could wish on the whole-wide-world, it would be:   "to see the beauty in everything", since i can remember i would see beauty, fun, excitement and imagine {maybe it's pretend} in the ordinary things, like rocks, leaves, clovers, box of crayons, pet frog {that was like my child, same with my dolls - there were like real people} etc., etc. etc ....... you name it, i could imagine it ....  from the most wonderful ... to the most fearful.  i've learned an imagination, is an imagination.... so use it well!  this thought process i'm explaining started again  .....   when the other morning i went to feed "bunny" and there he {or she} had, once again, started to dig his way to china...and there it was a perfect shaped heart {along with bricks i had used to plug his other holes he had made and  all that bunny poop, leaves,  etc. }  and  there was something very beautiful to see the heart in it ...  and off and running my imagination, my feelings, my thought process, my love for hearts all that good stuff got all revved up and i had to go grab the old funky camera and take some photos, which doesn't really convey what i'm trying to express ...  but hopefully the point of it all is conveyed.....   i see hearts in just about anything, as you may witness below.....  and i'm hoping you do too.   it so much fun and it's a confirmation, there is beauty is almost everything!   look for it, see it, experience it....   it is fulfilling. 

heart in a shell.

found art ....   leaf pressed onto tags. {montecito,ca}

heart rock.  love them.  look for them....

different angle ... heart in shell.  wonderful. happy. makes one smile.

heart rock.... montecito beach, 2009

  heart in a slice of bread.   look for it .... it's every-where.

found art ... those white things, one would call flowers, is a "washer" type rubber thingie i found on the street and  all you do is put some white paint on it and used it as a stamp ....  very RECYCLED, very ORGANIC,   i call it "organic print-making".  it's free and it's very wonderful!   think:  everything is art!

holy s. s. ...  talk about serendipity, talk about wonder, talk about heartful, talk about nature, talk about love,  talk about meant to be .....    look for it, it's every-where  {beach, montecito, 2009}

once again ....  beauty and love, everywhere and anywhere ....  paint smudges.

heart-shape coral ...found, collected and given to me by janet on one of  her trip to cabo trips ...  { }
we all love those heart-shaped things.... great way to connect and show your love.

clover love.

ok, this is a good one!   every new year's gita and sands put on a new year's morning breakfast block party, like one you've never been to, including but not limited to,  all their friends, gita's clients, their leucadia neighbors, coffee cart {the best coffee around}, the best of breakfast food, etc, etc.....  i think i've been going for the last approx. 20 years and it's an event not to be missed.  this year at the end of their street there was this  sign-age ... happy new yr.  it was plastic and styrofoam cups in the chain lick fence .... spelling out:  happy new yr.,   so cool, so recycled, very creative....  very beautiful and inspirational.  think about all different occassions you could do this with.    {find gita @ }   

love is everywhere ....   just be aware.  be open to it.  allow it. welcome it.....

really ... this happened, after photographing the "beauty in everything" heart, i turned around and there's simon and bunny kissing, no kidding.   serendipity .... or whatever you want to call it ....  it feels good and that's all that matters.

next photo .... back to business as usual.

ok, this is about "FOUND ART" ....  on my walk today, found this on the street, passed it up and had to immediately turn back and scoop this thing up like it was worth millions ....  some wheel broken thing.   but, oh my, what potental this broken, recycled piece of s ... this has.   immediately my mind and heart went into overload .....  all the things i could do with this piece.   an organic print object,use for assemblage ... and i could go on and on ....  got home, had to package up some etsy orders and oh boy, i used it on the packaging ....  and it will be used again and again and again {isn't that what recycling is all about} ...  you guys have some fun with found stuff .... it saves you lots of $$$ too.   i find i'm more creative with the stuff that doesn't cost money.  try it, you may like it!   

found art,  photograph it ...  

it creates lines .... 

this can make heart shapes.... 

the lines... before writing.

see the heart, "find" the heart  ...  be heartful.   feel the love.
heart art.

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