Saturday, March 10, 2012

think spring ...

spring has sprung ...   mid-morning garden tour,
check it out ....

nectarine. {small ones, but good}

humming-birds love them.

loquats ... oh man, tons of them. come on by and get some.

loving these in little spring bouquets.

back into these guys again ...  over did for a few years back.  now using them in bouquets, so bright and cheery, loving the color mixed with pinks, purples, white, etc...    nasturtiums.

loving the heck out of these guys.   new this year.

from linda b.'s sweet pea seeds.   we harvested the seeds
 from linda's garden one fun evening,
 and there were only a few of these
seeds from a big baggie full
... boy, did i luck out! 

lavender ...  a must.  i want this all over the place.

could have these all over too....


lots of oranges this year. 

a bulb i dug up from kelly's place in cambria ....
{my first trip to cambria, several yrs. ago}
every time they bloom i think of her and
never ending memories of cambria.
we have to have these little reminders of
how great life can be....
bring back all those fun memories,
they make your heart sing....
they make everything groooovy.

and then there's .....  P A S S I O N.

apricot.   transplanted three {3} times
and it still keeps on ticking.

don't you just love everything about
 this time of year ...
spring forward.

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